One Team

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FC Bayern Basketball participates in the One Team Project of the Euroleague

One Team is the Euroleague´s CSR Project , which has been set up during spring 2012 with the support of Turkish Airlines. This season 31 clubs (24 Euroleague and 7 Eurocup clubs) have developed different programs with one common goal: promoting disadvantaged minorities´ integration in the society through basketball.

In the framework of the One Team campaign, FC Bayern Basketball and its cooperation club Sportbund DJK Rosenheim started a basketball-project for young refugees. In the future, there are about 20 young refugees, who are escorted in Rosenheim´s and Frasdorf´s social establishments, and who are regularly as well as professionally trained by coaches of SB DJK Rosenheim and FC Bayern Basketball.

In addition to Sportbund, the nationwide recognized exemplary project “Godparents for refugees” by the “social city” of Rosenheim and the council officer Christine Domek-Rußwurm (Frasdorf) also support the One Team project locally. The German basketball champion from Munich supports the project financially, especially for coaches and sport halls with equipment such as shoes, balls and knitwear.

„Basketball as competitive sport isn´t of immediate importance with this initiative”, tells FCBB-managing director Volker Stix, “above all, main goals are distraction of the young refugees’ pasts, raising enthusiasm and experiencing the social aspects of a team sport. But maybe, we will also succeed in getting members interested in basketball at the SB DJK in the long term.”

Sportbund and FCBB have been cooperating for several years. Thanks to an initiative of local council Domek-Rußwurm, who is also youth responsible and the official responsible for asylum decisions around Rosenheim, the new social project has finally been set up: in Autumn 2014, the 18 year old Liberian refugee Varfie Kromah (2,08 m) trained several times at Munich´s Audi Dome with the FC Bayern Basketball´s Youth Bundesliga (NBBL) team. Kromah plays now an important part in the NBBL-Team in Dingolfing and is part, thanks to that, of the first team’s roster of SB DJK Rosenheim.

Through the “social city Rosenheim”, whose responsible person Christian Hlatky is both Departmental Manager and player at Sportbund, Varfie Kromah learned German in the meantime, went to school and is extremely well integrated in his new homeland. Kromah now supports the basketball practice for refugees, that is responsibly managed by Rosenheim´s U18-Coach Alen Mulalich.

“Our basketball department is godparent of Varfie Kromah and supports him daily, and his example shows perfectly how integration can be accomplished with low medium” told SB-Departmental manager Christian Hlatky. “We are glad that his story has been the inspiring example for starting a bigger project, and that our partner FC Bayern Basketball is also a team player in the social area.”