In order to receive accreditation in the fields of print, radio, internet and photography, we only allow active sports journalists/photographers that can prove they have official press pass (VDS, DJU, DJV, AIPS) and can prove on request that they also have an concrete editorial assignment from a newspaper/magazine or internet portal. The possession of an official press pass alone does not suffice to be accredited for the home games of FC Bayern München Basketball. An accreditation in the aforementioned areas is only valid for the applicant.

The accreditation proposal must be completed in full and received by FC Bayern München Basketball by 12:00 midday three working days before each game at the latest. Accreditation is not available later.


Please enter here the competition, date, time and game. For example: BBL, 3rd October 2018, 3 p.m., FCBB vs. Vechta
The parking bays for media representatives are situated in the car park on Siegenburger Straße 65. Please let us know in advance when applying for accreditation whether or not you need a parking permit for the aforementioned car park and send a stamp-addressed envelope to the press office of the basketball division: FC Bayern München Basketball, z. H. Büro/Pressestelle, Siegenburger Straße 45, 81373 München.